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Breakwater Ventures

From the transportation to the installation or removal of the rocks, we work through the processes of construction, 
ramping, removal and recovery of breakwaters.

- In Laguna - SC, the objective was the removal of the breakwater, which, due to the effect of the tide, at times gets clogged, accumulating the rocks and preventing the access of the fishing boats and ship to the water channel. With the use of high capacity excavators in the removal of the boulders from the sweeping system and an excavator with a ripper in order to loosen the rocks, the channel was re-opened. It was a high risk venture, because the seawater level reached the height of the caterpillar tracks which oxidized and damaged the equipment.

- In Rio Grande Port – RS, we carried out the following ventures:

*At the quarry site: loading of the trucks and selection of the rocks.
*At the Port: keeping of the buffer pile. Placing and piling of the rocks with the excavators.
*Ship loading: utilizing two excavators simultaneously.
*The spreading of the rocks and ramping: utilizing a 30-ton, long-reach excavator, increasing the production rate when compared to the crane and facilitating the bathymetry.


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