We offer sandry equipments for landscaping, mineral extraction, cargo transportation, mining outsourcing, land reclamation and dredging in general. Conformity to the organizational guidelines and quality standards required for each type of venture, norm and administrative routine of our costumers is our differential feature.

» Our Mission

Tending to our customers, providing them with quality machinery and professional personnel. Whether through the carrying out of the projects or the making of tailor-made equipment, day-to-day challenge is our fuel.

» Our Values

Commitment and proximity to our partners and employees through a conduit inspired by ethical, moral and family in order to provide a better future for all.

» Our Vision

Provide solutions and always seek recognition for excellence in our performance, becoming a reference in the industry and always staying at the forefront of technology.

Terraris Construtora de Obras e Locação LTDA
Alameda Bom Pastor, nº 345 - Ouro Fino - São José dos Pinhais - PR
Fone / Fax (41) 3382-1144
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